The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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bread, drain, put in fat or butter, parsley and onions; make hot in the pan; then put the soaked bread crumbs, 2 eggs, or more, well beaten; salt and pepper to taste; mix well, put in the fowl and bake.
Filling for Fowls of Any Kind.—One quart sweet milk, 3-4 cup corn starch, 4 eggs, sugar and flour to suit.
Forcemeat Balls.—Season the minced, beaten, or ground meat with pepper, salt, and a few drops of lemon juice; 1 beaten egg, and make it in balls, which roll into marble size, throw into boiling water for five minutes, then lay them in a tureen, pour the soup over, lay slices of lemon on top. Serve separate on a small dish. Ex­cellent.
Prairie Chicken.—Roast and dress as common chicken; use the same stuffing.                          {
Balls to Go with Game.—Half pound of stale bread crumbs, 1 lb. of beefs or calfs liver, 10 oz. of fat bacon, some parsley, thyme, nutmeg, lemon peel, 1 bay leaf, a little sweet basil, and chopped fine; pepper, salt, yolks of 3 eggs beaten; mix the whole thoroughly and make into small, round balls; dip in rice, or wheat flour, then fry a light brown.
Tureen of Game.—Bone and stuff your bird with forcemeat and season as other birds, then use a coarse pie dish with the forcemeat and lay in the bird, then put over it some more forcemeat, with a spoonful of butter, and a bay leaf on the top, and put a belt of coarse flour paste inside of the rim of the pan, then bake it 3 hours in a moderate stove. This should be open a week afterwards (if the weather be cool), and it will be found to be delicious. When served the bird and dressing should remain in the baking dish, the top be­ing taken off; remove the bay leaf, and lay fresh water cresses over. N. B.—All sorts of meat, poultry and game may be done in the same way. This is not only quickly done, but it is both good and economical, and at the same time it will keep a long time.
POULTRY.                                 «
Rational Rules for Poultry Breeders.—1. Feed regularly, 2. Roosts from the ground. 3. Nests on the ground. 4. Whitewash your poultry house outside if you want to keep the boards from split­ting. 5. Whitewash the house inside. 6. Feed plenty of green food. 7. Never overfeed. 8. Fresh water daily. 9. Have a dust-bath in your fowl house. 10. Never train your cocks to fight. 11. Give stim­ulating food when moulting. 12. Make cleanliness a specialty. 13.Clean out your fowl house once a week. 14. Breed to the standard.