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OLD STYLE OF COOKING.                         517
lamb's kidneys and sweet breads, savory balls and oysters; lay on butter, pepper, salt and close the pie with a top crust and bake.
Mutton Pie.—Parboil the steaks, fill the pie, lay on butter and close it; after putting some of the water in which the mutton steaks were boiled; when baked, mix up a handful of chopped capers, cucumbers and oysters with the remainder of the stock water, and stew a little until done*; then add a chopped anchovy, and drawn butter, pepper and salt to form a nice gravy.
Note.—Currants may be added to all these meat pies.
Lumber For Pies.—1 1-2 pounds of fillet of veal and mince it with the same quantity of beef suet; season with sweet spice, five pippins, a handful of spinach, a hard lettuce, thyme and parsley ; mix with a penny loaf .grated and the yolks of 2 or 3 eggs, white wine and flower water; 1-2 pound of currants and any preserves. When used, mix up with cream, butter or milk. Very convenient for the pantry when suddenly wanted to make up pies.
A Chicken Pie.—Take 6 small chickens, roll a piece of butter in sweet herbs, season and lay them in and cover with the marrow qf 2 bones rolled up in the batter of 2 eggs, a dozen of yolks of eggs boiled hard, and 2 dozen of savory balls. When served, pour in a quart of good hot gravy.
Sweet Chicken Pie.—Break the bones of 4 chickens, then cut them into small pieces; season them highly with mace, cinnamon and salt; quarter the yolks of 4 hard-boiled eggs, 5 artichoke bot­toms, 8 ounces of raisins of the sun stoned, 8 ounces each of pre­serves, citron, lemon and orange roots; 8 ounces marrow, 4 slices lemon without the peel, currants, 50 balls of forced meat, made as for venison pie. Put in butter at the bottom of the pie, then all the ingredients, then a pound of butter, fresh and sweet, on the top, then put the crust on and bake it; then in a pint of white wine mix a little brandy, the juice of 2 oranges, spices, sugar to taste, and cream, salt and pepper to form a sauce to eat with it.
Forcemeat Balls for Venison Pie.—Boil and chop fine the kid­neys of venison, then add their weight of beef suet, 8 firm apples, 1-2 lb. of currants, a little salt, some mace, cloves, nutmeg and a little pepper ; mix it together and put it into a crust. Add 1-2 pint of brandy, the juice of 1 lemon and orange, put in the pie ; bake and serve hot.
An Egg Pie.—Chop up the yolks of 2 dozen eggs with the same quantity of beef suet; season with sweeTE spices, citron, orange and lemon, lay on a buttered crust and cover it.
Minced Pie.—Take 2 lbs. each of beef suet and parboiled beef tongue, 5 pippins, and a green lemon peel; season it with 1 oz. of spice, a little salt, i lb. of sugar, 2 lbs. of currants, 1-2 pint of sack,