The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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a little brandy, the juice of a lemon, 1-4 lb. citron, lemon and orange peel; mix and fill the pies.
Good Fritters.—Mix in flour 1-2 pint of thick rich sweet cream; beat 6 eggs, leaving out the whites of 4, 6 spoonfuls of sack and strain them into the cream; add some grated nutmeg, ginger, cin­namon and salt: then add another 1-2 pint of cream and beat the batter near an hour. Pare and slice your apples, dip every piece in the batter and throw them into a pan with boiling lard.
Pan Cakes.—One pint of rich cream, 6 spoonfuls of sack, 1-2 pint of flour, 6 eggs, but only 3 whites, 1 grated nutmeg, 1-4 lb; butter, melted, a pinch of salt and some susar. Fry these thin in a dry pan.
Icing for Tarts 200 Years ago.—Beat and sift 1-4 lb. of loaf sugar into a mortar with the white of an egg beaten to a froth ; add 2 spoonfuls of rose water and beat till so thick that it will just run ; always stir one way; then lay this on the tart with a brush or feath­er dipped in the icing. Set it back in the oven to harden ; not too long, or it will dissolve them.
Quarter of a Lamb with sweet Herbs.—Roast a fore-quarter of a lamb ; roll a bit of butter in flour, some chopped parsley, sha-lots, thyme, crumbs of bread, pepper, salt, and a little wine with a little gravy; boil it a moment or two, then raise up the shoulder off the ribs and pour the sauce on it; clap on the shoulder and serve.
Turkey, Roasted.—Make a stuffing with some chopped ham, lard, an anchovy or two, bread crumbs, pepper and salt; nutmeg and lemon peel to taste, some hard boiled eggs, some oysters; mix all well together with some raw eggs, stuff the crop of the turkey and roast it, with a buttered paper on its breast, for 1 1-2 hours; serve with gravy.
Boiled Chicken and Oyster Sauce.—Put your fine, young and fat chickens into a fine cloth or bag: boil them 25 minutes. Then stew some oysters in their own liquor with some black pepper and salt; roll a large piece of butter in. some flour, mix smoothly, then stir well till melted in the oyster liquor. Put the chickens hot in a dish, pour the liquor over them and serve hot,
Minced Kidneys.—Stew them till tender, thenxhop them fine ; then slice some cucumbers thin, one hour before you dress them, put them in a sieve, slice your onions, pepper and salt them, fry them in a bit of butter, browned; then drain them from the fat, wipe the pan and put in the onions and cucumbers with a little gravy and a little vinegar or lemon juice; let them stew till tender, but flour them