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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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520                                DISHES OF ROYALTY.
chovy, some capers or nasturtium berries, some lemon juice; serve and garnish the dish with fried bread.
Royal Loaves.—Take out the crumbs of some French loaves, fill them with almond custard,, made in this fashion: Scald a pint of cream with some laurel leaves, put on it some fine white sugar and some rose water, take five yolks of eggs well beaten, strain all to­gether, put on the fire, boil it till thick, but keep stirring it one way all the time; when it i£ done, and almost cold, add some beaten * blanched almonds, with two spoonfuls of brandy ; when you have filled your rolls with custard, lay over them some raspberry jam ; beat the white of an egg and pulverized sugar to a froth, and ice them over with it, and serve in a dish.
Stuffing for Goose.—Make forcemeat with the liver; some chestnuts whole, sausage meat, chopped parsley, thyme, pepper, and salt. Stew them together with some butter, stuff the goose with it, roast it a nice brown, and serve with a rich gravy.
Carp Blue.—After the carp is cleaned, pour over it 2 or 3 glasses of boiling water to turn it blue, tie it up in a linen cloth, put it in a stew pan with some red wine, 1-3 water, onion, carrot, shalots, cloves, some lemon, thyme, pepper and salt, with a liberal quantity of but­ter. Season it high. Serve your carp with a napkin; serve the sauce, strained, in a boat.
Russian Turn-Overs.-Make a nice filling with good fresh smoked ham (a streak of fat and a streak of lean), mix this with onions, sea­son with pepper and salt, then roll a rich bread dough thin, and then cut with a bowl the size of a saucer, or as large as you wish it; this is the filling; then put this on one side and turn the other over and pinch the crust down like fruit turn-overs; then have well beaten eggs and rub over them, and bake quickly.
Sauce for Poached Eggs.—Pepper, salt, ginger and some pars­ley and shalots chopped fine, with some broth or water, a bit of but­ter stirred in flour, and a little wine; boil this a moment, then add the juice of a sour orange and pour over a dish of poached eggs.
Egg Plum Pudding.—Take the desired number of egg plums that are sound and plump; make a rich crust of suet and flour, roll out the crust, put in the plums, then close it together, then sew it up in a pudding bag and boil for 4 hours. Turn it out and cut off a piece at the top and rub into it a mixture of butter and sugar, or serve them hot as a sauce for it.
Turnip Ragout.—Boil your turnips, then stew them in gravy which thicken with a little pepper, butter and flour. Serve all to­gether.