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for the hair. But pure lard, prepared at home, is by no means ob­jectionable. Mixed 1 pound of lard and 1-2 oz. canthardies. Suet is too hard, but may be mixed with any of the animal oils to advantage to form a pomade.
Cutting the hair, whether with scissors or razor, appears to ac­celerate its growth, but in which way it is difficult to explain, but it does improve the length and strength, and should be repeated at short intervals, if only to remove the split ends, or rather to avoid them.
Depilatories, intended to remove superfluous hairs by chemical means, are sold by unprincipled persons who well know their want of power. Nothing but the tweezers have the slightest effect, and the man who could succeed by less painful means would soon realize a fortune, I give a remedy which I found in a book of recipes pub­lished nearly a hundred years ago, which is as simple as it is effec­tual in aiding to extract superfluous hairs.
To take Hair out by the Roots.—Two and one-half ounces of resin, 1 ounce of beeswax; melt them together and make into sticks for use; warm the end and paste it over the hair, and then with the tweezers or fingers remove the foe to beauty.
Hair Washes are used for removing the waxy dust which has ac­cumulated on the scalp and in the hair, and eradicating dandruff, and should be washed off with soft, warm water after each applica­tion, if used more than once.
Rosemary Extract.—Carbonate of potash, 1 ounce; alcohol, 8 ounces; oil of rosemary, 2 drachms; water, 1 gallon; colored with burnt sugar, and filtered.
Arnica Hair Wash.—When the hair .is falling off and be­coming thin from frequent use of castor, maccassar oils, &c, or when premature baldness arises from illness, the arnica hair wash will be found of great service in arresting the mischief. It is thus prepared: Take elder water, 1-2 pint; sherry wine, 1-2 pint; tinc­ture of arnica, 1-2 ounce; alcoholic ammonia, 1 drachm; if this last named ingredient is old and has lost its strength, then 2 drachms instead of 1 may be employed. The whole of these may be mixed in a lotion bottle, and applied to the head every night with a sponge. Wash the head with warm water twice a week. Soft brushes only must be used during the growth of the young hair.
Wash for the Hair.—One-third each of bay rum, glycerine and water. Wash the hair with it, and comb often.
A Wash to Stimulate the Growth of the Hair.—("Ugly Girl.")—Sulphate of quinine and aromatic tincture, equal parts.
How to Wash the Hair.—Borax and camphor cleanse the hai* beautifully, and render it rich and glossy.