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532                                        THE HAIR.
Hair Restorative.—Fine salt dissolved in water, apply daily.
To Promote the Growth of Hair.—Equal quantities of olive oil and spirits of rosemary, a few drops of oil of nutmeg. Mix the ingredients together; rub the roots of the hair every night, with a little of this liniment, and the growth will soon sensibly increase,
To Increase the Growth of the Hair.—Beat heartshorn very fine and mix with sweet oil; put upon the head of persons who have lost their hair, will cause it to grow again as at first.
Rosemary Leaves a Hair Tonic.—Steep them in rectified spirits; good to promote the growth of the hair on account of its essential oil.
Hair Tonic—i dram flour sulphur, i dram sugar of lead, i dram cantharides, 2 oz. spirits ammonia, 1 oz. glycerine, 2 ozs. rose water; add one pint of soft water, and shake it well before using it. Used for many years.
cure for baldness.
Capillary Oil for Baldness.—It is good for stimulating the growth of the hair after a spell of sickness and for preventing it from falling off. As far as experience goes, it remains unequalled, by any other hair tonic. 8 grains corrosive sublimate, 10 grains cantharides; 12 ounces alcohol; mix and allow the compound to stand for 3 days, then filter; add castor oil 4 ounces, 1-2 ounce oil of rosemary flowers. Apply once every day, and rub well into the skin. A stiff brush is better, as it slightly irritates the scalp. A daily application for seven or eight days, will effectually stop the hair from coming out, and if cutaneous disease exist, the mixture will cure it.
Baldness.—Mix pearlash, 1-2 oz., onion juice 1 gill, 1 pint of water. Cork in a bottle. Rub the scalp hard with a rough linen towel dipped in the mixture daily.
Oil for Incipient Baldness.—A mixture of equal parts of tinct­ure of cantharides and olive or almond oil, simply agitated together before use. A more effective and cleanly liquid may be made by substituting more of spirits of rum for the oil, and adding 1 or 1-2 drams (Price's) glycerine to each ounce of the mixture. Distilled or rosemary water is often substituted for proof spirits. A still more active preparation is made of the catharides and glycerine only.
To Curl Hair.—Take 2 oz. borax, 1 dram of powdered gum