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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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ladies' toilet.                                   541
meal on them, rub it well in, with the soap, rinse it off, and before wiping put on a coat of glycerine; then put on a pair of loose old kid gloves, let them remain all night, and in the morning wash off the glycerine. There is nothing better.
To Produce a Pure, Clear Skin.—Take a vapor bath or alco­hol bath thrice a week, which is done by placing a saucer of alcohol under an open chair covered over with a large blanket, then wrap the patient loosely in another and seat the person on it, then throw the loose ends of the lower blanket over and set fire to the alcohol with a match and steam for 15 minutes—or use atepid bath—rub till perfectly dry, or the body begins to glow; or instead a tepid bran bath, or one of oat meal, and rub till the skin shines.
To make the Skin Fresh and Soft.—Mix together 3 table-spoonfuls of honey and the white of an egg, and a very little thick cream or mutton tallow; spread over the face on going to bed. In the morning wash off with soap and warm water.
Wrinkles, to Remove.—Make a mixture of tar and almond oil, and on going to bed, apply. Place an old covering on the pillows to protect them from stains.
Face Paste.—Beat or whisk well together the whites of 4 eggs, 1-2 oz. each of alum and almond oil. Apply.
To Remove Face Moths, Liver Spots, Blotches, Etc., Etc.— Beat together equal portion of wild tansy, horse radish and new milk. Anoint the face at pleasure and let it dry without wiping,
To Remove Pimples and Small-Pox Marks.—Equal portions of mutton tallow and hog's lard with a little cologne to make ihe mix­ture smell nicely. Apply it for days as often as you choose.
N. B.—No one can have a nice complexion if the digestion is bad.
To Whiten the Hands, a Cream.—A wineglassful each of lem­on juice and cologne water ; then scrape fine 2 cakes each of brown Windsor and pure white soap to fine powder and mix all to a pulp, then pour into moulds ; when hard, use for the toilet.
For Chapped Hands.—One oz. glycerine, 1-2 oz. bay-rum, 1-2 oz. cologne; mix thoroughly and apply.
To sweeten the Breath.—Get from your druggist a package of crushed cubeb berries, smoke them every night before retiring and be sure to use a dark clay pipe, as it does not become strong. This will sweeten the foulest breath.
To cleanse the teeth and purify the breath, chew orris-root or burnt bread.
For Singers and Public Speakers.—Dissolve a tablespoonful of beef jelly (domestic is better), in a cupful of boiling water. Eat generously.