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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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ladies' toilet.
To make Eaude Cologne.—Take 1-7 ounce of oil of sweet mar-jorum, 1-2 ounce of thyme, 1-2 ounce of essence of violets, 1-2 oz. of essence of carnations, 9 drops of cinnamon ; mix all these arti­cles together in a clean bottle; shake it well. It improves by keep­ing. Cork it closely.
Cologne Water.—For barbers' use costs 50 cents per gallon; oil of lavender, 1 drachm; oils of bergamot and orange, each, 2 drachms; oils of citronella and lemon, each, 3 drops ; oil of cinna­mon, 5 drops; carbonate of potash and magnesia, each, 30 grains; alcohol, 2 quarts; water, 3 quarts. Mix the oils with alcohol before adding the water, and filter.
Florida Water.—Oils of lavender (English, if preferred), ber­gamot and lemon, each, 2 drachms; oil of balm, 30 drops; altar of rose, 10 drops; oil of neroli, 1 drachm; turmeric of saffron, suffi­cient to tinge yellow; alcohol, 1 quart. Mix and filte**.
California Orange Flower Water.—One drachm of oil of neroli, 2 ounces of alcohol, 1 drachm of magnesia, 1 gallon dis­tilled or filtered rain water; let it stand 7 or 8 days betore filtering, shaking it up every day.
Lavender Water.—Take French oil of lavender, 3 ounces; oil of bergamot, 1 ounce; oil of cloves, 30 drops; extract of musk, 1-2 ounce; alcohol, 1 gallon; mix.
May Flowers.—Attar of rose 1 drachm; oil of neroli 2 drams; oil of bergamot 4 drams; oil of citronella 30 drops; essential oil of almonds 5 drops; extract of orris 1 pint; mix.
Sc-vrta Barbara or Rough and Ready Perfume.—Oil of neroli one dram; attar of rose two drachms; oil of lavender 4 drachms; extract of civit 2 ounces; extract of musk and of storax, each four ounces; extract of orris 12 ounces; mix.
Sweet Clover.—Essential oil of almonds 30 drops; oil of bergamot halt an ounce; oil of lavender one drachm; oil of sandal wood, 20 drops; extract of storax 2 ounces; extract of tonquin 8 ounces; ex­tract of orris 8 ounces; mix.
Heliotrope.—Attar of roses 2 drachms; oil of neroli 4 drachms; essential oil of almonds 1 drachm; 4 ounces extract of vanilla, 8 ounces each extracts of tonquin and of orris; one ounce extract of musk; mix.
Honeysuckle.—Attar of rose 1 drachm; oil of neroli 2 drachms; each four drams oil of bergamont and orange, 10 drops essential oil of almonds, extract of benzoin 2 ounces; extract of orris 12 ounces; mix.
Lily of the Vallley.—Attar of roses half dram; oilmroli 2