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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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ladies' toilet.
from which the tonquin musk has been removed; these give out a large amount of odor, and can generally be purchased. Pour on these, 8 ozs. of boiling water in a bottle and cork up ; let it stand 24 hours, then add 8 ozs. of alcohol. If the pods cannot be obtained, use 1 oz. of tonquin musk, in pods, and 3 pints of proof spirits.
Musk.—Take of the extract of musk, 8 ozs.; extract vanilla, 4 ozs.; extract of orris root, 6 ozs.; attar of roses, 24 drops. Mix.
Essence of Bergamot.—One-half pint of spirits of wine or alco­hol, 4 ozs. bergamot peel; let it stand in a warm place for 3 days, then filter or strain it.
Essence of Cloves.—Alcohol, 9 ounces; 1 ounce of oil of cloves.
Essence of Violets,—One-half pint of spirits of wine, 1 oz. orris root, proceed as in the essence of bergamot.
Royal Essence for the Beard.—Castile soap in shavings, 4 ozs.; proof spirit 1 pint; dissolve.
Essence of Lemon Peel.—Yellow peel of fresh lemons, 1-2 lb.; spirits of wine, 1 pint. Digest for a week, press and filter; very fragrant. Essence of orange peel is made in the same way.
Attar of Roses.—Kashmere mode.—Put into a moderate quan­tity of water, more or less, as many petals of the damask or castillian rose, or hundred leaf or cabbage rose, as the vessel will hold, then carefully bring it to a boil in a perfectly clean porcelain or earthen vessel; then boil it slowly till the leaves are a pulp, then add some more boiling water. Pour into an earthen pan, the night before, and while hot, place thenar 2-3 deep in a running stream. In the morning the attar appears like oil on the surface of the water; then bend a blade of grass like a hoop, holding the ends between the thumb and forefinger, and carefully skim off the oil into a vial.
Scented Bags.—Proportion the the amount intended for use, rose wood, sandal wood, red cedar wood, in coarse powder, each 1-2 lb.; attar of roses, 2 drachms; musk, 1 drachms; green benzoin 1 ounce.
Frangipanni or Everlasting Perfume Bags.—Sandalwood, 1-4 lb.; orris root, 1-4 lb.; vitivent, 1-2 lb.; all pulverized, attar of roses, 1 drachm; storax calamita, 1 oz.; tonquin musk, 1 1-2 drachms; mix well. Vitivent is a species of fragrant grass, very rare, but 1-4 oz. of oil of vitivent added to 1-2 lb. of orris root powder, will be a sub­stitute.
Scent Powder.—A charming recipe for scent powder, to be used for wardrobe, boxes, etc.; far finer than any mixture sold at the shops, is the following: Coriander, orrisroot, rose leaves and aro­matic calamus, each 1 oz., lavender flowers, 2 ozs.; rhodium wood, 1-4 drachm; musk, 5 grains. These are to be mixed and reduced to a coarse powder. This scent on clothes is as if all fragrant flow­ers had been concentrated into one.