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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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ladies' toilet.
Pastilles.—Benjamin, 2 oz.; cascarnilla, 1 drachm; myrrh, 1-2 oz.; 15 drops each of oil of nutmeg and cloves; nitre, 1 drachm; charcoal 1 1-2 ozs.; mucilage enough to make into a mass, then divide into shapes and dry.
Perfume from faded Rose Leaves.—When the roses in your bouquet fade, put them in a small flower dish with a little salt at the bottom; then sprinkle the leaves over with alcohol. Some keep large vases for this purpose, in room, to produce a pleasant atmos­phere about the house.
French Recipe for Toilet Vinegar.—Cassia bark 4 ounces; camphor 2 drams; cloves 4 drams; orris root 8 ounces; oils of rose­mary and lavender, each one dram, alcohol, one and a half pints, water 2 pints; strong citric acid 8 ounces; mix together before add­ing the oils, macerate 10 days and filter.
Vinegar Rouge.—Take 12 ounces of rain or distilled water; boil for a few minutes and add 4 drams of the best carmine; 1 dram of cream tartar; 1-2 dram of alum; add when cold ten drops of attar of rose, and 4 ounces of alcohol. After the mixture is settleed,it may be reduced to the required shade. If any carmine remains undis­solved, repeat the process with fresh materials.
Fou Chapped Ltps.—Put 1-4 ounce of benjarum, storax and spermaceti, a little alkanet root, a largejuicy apple chopped fine, a bunch of black grapes bruised; 1-4 pound unsalted batter and 2 ounces ot beeswax into a new tin sauce pan; simmer gently till the wax, &c, are dissolved, and then strain it through a linen. When cold, melt it again, and pour it into small pots or boxes, or make into small cakes. Use the bottoms of teacups; warm when taken out.
A Nice Toilet Salve.—One drachm each of white wax, spermaceti and 2 ounces of almond oil melted together; keep in small jars. While warm, add 2 ounces of rose water, 1-2 ounce of orange flower water.
Lip Salve.—Stew white and sweet oil together; if desired, color with cochineal; perfume with any of the essential oils.
Camphor Ice.—One-half ounce white wax, 1-2 oz. each sweet oil and gum camphor: simmer together; cork tightly; good for pains, sores of any kind, chaps, &c.
Glycerine Camphor Ice.—Four ounces white wax, 6 ounces almond oil, 4 ounces glycerine; melt the wax and add the oil, then the glycerine.
Tjje best and quickest way to clean kid gloves is this: Wash your hands and wrists perfectly clean, wipe them dry, put on your gloves and fasten them as if going out. Pour as much gasoline in your wash bowl as will enable you to comfortably wash your hands,