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ladies' toilet.
Charcoal and Chalk Tooth Powder.—To 4 ounces of char­coal add 3 of finely pulverized chalk or prepared chalk, or orris, and sufficient honey to form a paste.
San Francisco Tooth Powder.—Take a little suds made with castile soap and an equal amount of spirits of camphor, then thicken with finely pulverized chalk and charcoal, equal quantities, to a thick paste; apply with the finger or soft cloth, or wooden brush, rubbing thoroughly. It will whiten the teeth more than the majority of tooth powders. Badger's hair is soft, and is good to work between the teeth. Moisten with a* little camphor as you use it. Never use stiff bristle brushes, as they permanently injure the gums, which causes the teeth to decay.
Chinese Dentrifice.—Ashes of dried rice finely pulverized. Press through a fine muslin sieve; perfume with any essential oils.
Removing and Resetting Teeth.—Both in England and America dentists have extracted teeth, cleaned, removed coaries from the crown and replaced them in the sockets, where they again took fresh root and the tooth remained sound.
Ear Ache.—Indian remedy.—Take a piece of a lean mutton about the size of a small plum,burn it till perfectly charred on the out­side, then put in a clean rag and squeeze into a spoon, and drop this not too hot into the ear, if too hot it might be fatal in consequence.
Ear Ache.—Saturate a piece of cotton batting with arnica,or 3 or 4 drops just warmed into the ear.
Ear Ache.—Moisten a piece of cotton with equal portions of spirit campor, sweet oil and laudanum.
Ear Ache.—Take a clove or garlic or onion, toast it till soft, dip it in sweet oil and put it in the ear. The pain will soon cease. After removal, insert some cotton wool to keep out the cold.
Cure for the Toothache.—Take a piece of sheet zinc, about the size of a dime, and a piece of silver, say 25 cents; place them together, and hold the defective tooth between them or contiguous to them; in a few minutes the pain will be gone, as if by magic. The zinc and silver, acting as a galvanic battery, will produce on the nerves of the tooth sufficient electricity to establish a current, and consequently to remove the pain.
Toothache.—-A strong solution of peppermint, red pepper and spirits of camphor dropped on cotton wool then lay this over.
Jumping Toothache.—Opium dissolved in the oil of cloves, dropped on a cotton wool and applied to the tooth will relieve.
Myrrh and Borax Tooth Wash.—Rub well into a mortar, 1 oz. of borax and honey, then gradually add 1 quart spirits of wine, (not above proof) and add 1 oz. of gum myrrh and red sandal wood. Macerate for 14 days, and filter. This is an excellent wash for the gums and mouth.