The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Flaxseed should be free from rancidity when used either in teas or poultices.
. Remedy for a Weak Back.—Take a beefs gall, pour it into a pint of alcohol, and rub the spine with it frequently.
Infallible Remedies.—For bile, exercise; for rheumatism, flan­nel and patience ; for gout, toast and water.
The Bed-Room.—In a word, the bed-room for the third of this mortal life, and that third the most helpless, should be a sanctuary of cleanliness and order, in which no injurious exhalation can re­main for a moment, and no trace of uncleanliness offend a single sense.
Changing warm clothing too early in spring often brings on severe colds.
For a Burn.—Whisk well together equal portions of raw white of egg and sweet oil, paint the burn with a feather, and then apply cotton wool to it well saturated with the mixture.
Powder to clean the Teeth.—Beat and sift through muslin i 1-2 ounce each of dragon's blood, cinnamon, burnt alum, very fine ; rub a little on the teeth every other day.
Piles.—Make an ointment by stewing bruised leaves of James­town weed in lard or fresh butter, adding a few drops of laudanum. Or a mixture of green white raspberry leaves and new milk or cream together.
Weak Eyes.—5 cents worth of elder flowers (or just gathered from the shrub); steep well in a gill of soft water in an earthen vessel or one of new tin, strain through a cloth, then add 3 drops of laudanum ; bottle tight; keep in place. Touch the eyes, letting some get into the eyes. Put some on a cloth, wet it, and bind it to the eyes. Use freely.
N. B. A tea made of elder flowers, drank freely, if the eyes are inflamed. This tea cleanses the blood. Avoid minerals, they injure the eye.
Dyspeptic Lye.—Pour 1-2 gallon of boiling water over 2 cups of hickory or willow lye and 1 cup of soot in a suitable vessel; stir and let it remain until perfectly clear, then pour off and bottle closely; 1-2 tumbler full weakened with water until palatable; use 3 times a day. An excellent remedy for dyspepsia ; I know it is.
Remedy for Indigestion.—Boil 1-2 pint of white wheat 3 hours in a quart of water, or a little more, if necessary. Drink 1-2 pint of the liquid 2 or 3 times a week.
Valuable Remedies.—Dyspepsia,by going without supper; spit*