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556                                   HEALTH NOTES.
added to keep it from souring. This can be kept for winter use, and in wet weather, when the patient cannot go out, which should not be neglected in dry mornings. Even chewing the buds is bene­ficial. The white pine buds are best.
Senna.—Infuse for one hour then strain 1-1 ounce of senna; 1-2 dram sliced ginger; 1-2 pint of boiling water. Taste concealed by some black tea or coffee sweetened. See that nothing enters that is spurious.
Grape Seeds Cure Co^itveness and the pulp is pure nutriment. Cracked wheat is good, bnt should not be eaten all the time. It promotes the growth of the bones and strength of the teeth, vigor of the brain and life and elasticity of the whole man. Five ounces of sugar a day will increase a man's weight one pound in a week.
Good for Thirst and Constipation.—One-half gill of dried raspberries, in a pint of the purest water, in a closely covered earthern vessel, set in a cool place. Let stand 3 or 4 hours, then eat the fruit, and drink the water.
Eat the Blanched Stalks of Celery.—Good for nervousness and heart disease.
Invaluable for Nervous Persons.—1-2 dr. of ammonia, com­pound tincture of cardoman, 1-2 ounce; oil of lavender, 8 drops; mint water, 3 oz. Mix, divide and take in 3 doses.
Weak Nerves.—Dr. Floterean.—Drink freely of scullcap tea.
NErvous Headache.—One quart of cider, 3 tablespoonfuls each of white mustard seed and burdock seed, a small radish root well steeped together. To be kept in a bottle well corked. Dose.—A wine glassful 2 or 3 times a day.
Lemons for Headache.—Take a gill of lemon juice. It is a good stomachic, gives tones to the nerves, and is good for rheuma­tism and neuralgia, if taken in large doses.
Sick Headache.—Mrs. S.—Take some chicken gall and com­mon flour, and make into pills the average size and when the head ache is coming on, take from 3 to 5 of the pills and it gives relief. The recipe was given by a lady who had used them for years with great benefit.
For Headache.—Pour a few drops of ether on one-half ounce of gum camphor to pulverize, add to this an equal quantity of cor-bonate ammonia pulverized; add 20 drops peppermint; mix and put in an open mouthed bottle with a glass stopper.