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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Obstinate Nausea.—Apply a hot mustard plaster to the pit of the stomach. In ordinary cases, a flannel dipped in hot camphor, wring out, and while pouring apply to stomach. It often relieves. A drop of spirits of camphor in a spoonful of water and administer­ed every fifteen or twenty minutes for an hour or longer, allays the nauseau; The mustard plaster should be applied.
Dyspeptics and dyspepsia.
Lime Water, its Value.—Take a large lump of unslacked lime and pnt into a new wooden vessel not painted, and pour over it gradually, four gallons of hot water, and stir it perpetually, then let it settle, and pour the clear fluid into bottles and cork closely. It is an excellent remedy for children while teething and in summer complaints, allowing a teaspoonful to a cup of milk or tea and for any person with diarrhea, adding it to milk. It is pleasant to take. It will prevent milk from curdling after a hot night and prevent it from souring in tea or coffee. As a cleanser and purifier it is valua­ble to any housekeeper, and even in the nursery. A cupful or more made up with the sponge of cake or bread made at night, will pre­vent it fermenting and make it sweet.
Mint Julep.—3 or 5 sprigs of mint fresh gathered and put in a tumbler one-half full of sherry, put some pounded ice in a second tumbler, and pour the mint and sherry over it, rapidly transfering the liquor several times jrorn one tumbler to another for a minute or two in ice, till frozen partices form over the top. This is a very refreshing drink.
Preventative of Dyspepsia and Lung Disease.—German.— Raw beef; chopped up fine with onions, eaten any time. Persons soon learn to eat, if not like it.
For Heartburn,—Juice of one orange, water and lump sugar to flavor in proportionto the acidity of the orange, bicarbonate of soda about 1-2 teaspoonful. Mix orange juice, water, and sugar together in a tumbler, then put in the soda and stir, and the effervesence en­sues.
Digestive Tincture.—Powdered rhubarb, orange peel, carraway seed, each one ounce. Infuse the ingredients in a quart of white wine for three days, pour off and take a half wineglassful when sitting to dinner. Excellent for costiveness.
Pulmonary Syrup.—Four ozs. each of white hoarhouud and spikenard root, 2 ozs. each of boneset leaves, greener the better, colt's foot root, slippery elm bark, unpowdered, blood root, green or dry, and elecampagne; fresh cumfrey root, and poplar bark, 1 oz. each; i-2 oz. of lobelia, hoarhound and snake root. Put these ingredients