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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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HEALTH NOTES*                                   5$9
spoonful of lobelia leaves and seeds, a large spoonful, heaped, of loaf sugar, simmered for 30 minutes in 3 cupfuls of water till it looks clear and begins to thicken ; when cold, add a teaspoonful of para-goric. Dose: 1 tablespoonful for an adult and 1 teaspoonful for a child, or less, taken now and then. This is excellent in throat and lung diseases, and difficulty in breathing and strangulation*
Remedy for Bronchitis—Take honey in the comb, squeeze it out and dilute it with a little water; wet the lips and mouth occa­sionally with it. It has never been known to fail in cases where children had throats so swollen as to be unable to swallow. It is a simple remedy; and comes well recommended.
A Cough Mixture.—One oz of liquorice, 1-2 oz. gum arable, 4 teaspoonfuls af antimonial wine. Keep it in a cool place and take t tablespoonful when needed.
Balsam of Wild Cherry.—Mix 4 grains acetate of morphine, 2 fluid ozs of the tincture of blood root, 3 fluid drachms of antimonial wine, 3 fluid ozs. of syrup of wild cherry.
Cough Tea.—Domestic.—Make a very strong tea of the flowers of life everlasting ; strain it through a cloth, and to every quart put 2 oz of liquorice root cut up in small pieces, and 2 ozs. of figs or raisins cut up; boil all together for 2 minutes. Drink freely after adding the juice of a lemon ; taking care to keep out of the cold air for several hours.
Hop Syrup for a Cough.—One oz. hops, 1 pint water, 1 table­spoonful of flaxseed, boil till reduced to one-half and strain; add 1-2 pint of molasses or brown sugar, boil till thick. Dose, 1 table­spoonful.
Syrup of Sunflower Seeds for Cough.—One gill of sunflower seed, boil in a quart of water to one-half, strain it, add 1 leaspoon-sul of loaf sugar, 1-2 pint gin, bottle; shake before using. Take when the cough is troublesome. Good also for whooping cough. Valuable.
Hoarhound Cough Syrup.—Boil hoarhound, liverwort, spikenard and yellow ferrilla in a quart of water to one half or less ; strain, add black molasses, and boil a little again. Use as often as required, 3 times a day or oftener.
A Southern Cough Mixture.—One teaspoonful home made beaten mustard, 1 teaspoonful of home made cayenne pepper or Chili, 1 teaspoonful of salt in a tumblerful of pure honey.
whooping cough.
Whooping Cough.—With its mode of treatment.—Is purely a spasmodic disease of an infectious or epidemic nature, and maybe