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560                                 HEALTH NOTES.
known by, when in advanced shape, the peculiar long inspiration or "whoop," which attends it, and those who are with the patient often have every symptom of 'the genuine whooping cough, called sympathetic cough, which though not dangerous, is very agonizing, Symtoms.—Whooping cough comes on with sneezing, running at the nose slight oppression of breathing, weakness in the organs of sight, thirst, quick pulse, hoarseness and a hard, dry cough. At the expiration of two or three weeks (there being no change in the disease) the whoop sets in, the peculiar feature of the malady, which is so common, that it is unnecessary to treat the subject, physiologically. Vomiting and bleeding at the mouth or nose, are favorable symptoms. The treatment varies greatly with the nature of the attack and the state of the health of the child. At first, there is generally some degree of acute bronchitis and the lower­ing measures will be necessary to keep up a state of nausea and vomiting, giving the child doses of ipecac, and antimonial wines, in equal parts, and quantities varying from half to one and a half teaspoonsfuls once a day, or when the expectoration is hard and difficult, give the following cough mixture ever four hours. Of syrup ofsquils, 1-2 oz.; antimonial wine, 1 oz.; laudanum, 15 drops; syrup of toulou, 2 drams; water, 1-2 oz.; mix well. The dose is from 1-2 teaspoonful to a dessert spoonful. If the cough is very bad, the warm bath is used, and either one or two leeches applied on the breastbone, or a small blister laid on the lower part of the throat. If the bowels are costive, sweet spirits of nitre, ipecac, and rhubarb may be used.
Whooping Cough.—Simmer together over a slow fire equal parts of vinegar, sweet oil, and honey, for a few minutes, then bottle and cork closely for use. Excellent in the troublesome disease. Take a spoonful as often as necessary.
Cure for Whooping Cough.—The late discovery of a cure for whooping cough by inhaling the ordors of the gas house, is found to be of real benefit (so said by physicians). The children are taken to the gas works, where they breathe the not very pleasant air there produced, and there is something in the chemical combination that cures whooping cough. The people at the gas works state that during the last 12 months, 300 cases of whooping cough have thus been experimented upon.
Whooping Cough.—Pound a cupful of flax seed, 3 oz. of liquor, 3 spoonfuls of strained honey; 3 spoonfuls of loaf sugar; put these into 4 cupfuls or a quart of water; boil till reduced to one-half; give frequently. Hogs lard and molasses in equal quantities are good with a little laudanam, and also sugar and butter stewed together.
Whooping Cough Syrups.—Strongest West India rum, t pint;