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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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anise oil, 2 oz., honey, 1 pint; lemon juice, 4 oz.; mix. Adults 1 tablesoonful, 4 times a day. Children 2 teaspoonful with sugar and water 4 times a day.
Whoopng Cough Mixture.—Equal portions of honey, New Eng­land rum, linseed oil. Dose.—1 teaspoonful, when the cough is troublesome.
Chronic Sores (excellent.)—Make a poultice of chick weed. The juice mixed with lard is good for erysipelas and other cu­taneous diseases.
For Sores.—Make a smooth, soft paste of brown sugar and yellow soap and apply it.
Obstinate Ulcers may be cured with sugar dissolved in a strong decoction of walnut leaves.
Ulcers.—Dry and reduce to powder a black walnut leaf and strew it on the sore, and then lay several walnut leaves over it; bind. Or foment morning and night with a decoction of walnut leaves, and then apply them; bind some leaves over the sore. Or boil some walnut leaves in water with a little molasses or sugar. Dip a cloth in the mixture and apply once in two days. A valuable remedy.
For Mortification—A poultice of oatmeal and hops. Apply. A poultice of oatmeal and charcoal is also good.
Another for White Swelling.—Aunt Nancy Patterson, col­ored.—Boil together smart weed, chamber lye and wheat bran; make a poultics of this and apply to the whole limb; wrap it up in it. This has also cured as the other, when physicians could do nothing to relieve when the bones came out in splinters.
Urine, Bloody.—Wesley.-=-Make a strong tea of yarrow and drink it copiously twice a day.
Hot or Scalding Urine.—Ground ivy in flax seed tea and a little sweet spirits of nitre and root of asparagus. Drink also cool­ing and mucilaginous drinks. Buttermilk is also good.
Horse Radish.—It is said that an infusion of the fresh root drank freely every night, will cause perspiration and free flow of urine and will consequently cure dropsy. It promotes digestion, the fresh ground root in vinegar, eaten with meat, strengthens the stomach.
Oats Good for Dropsy and Heart Disease.—Two handfuls of common oats, not cleaned; boil in 3 quarts of water for 1-2 hour. Strain the decoction; take a teacupful frequently instead of water.