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HEALTH NOTES.                                   563
by drowning simply by the water getting into the lungs and filling them up, and thus preventing any air from getting into them, on the same principle of being smothered in any other way. Get the water out of the lungs and give natural warmth, which is antagonistic to death. On these depend the recovery of the patient.
Catarrh is not a disease of the nose, but disease showing itself in the nose, a local exhibition of the constitutional derangement.
Cure for Catarrh.—To 1 ounce of glycerine add 15 or 20 drops of carbolic acid, and thoroughly apply with a small sponge to be found at all drug stores, known as the ear sponge. The results are said to be happy.
Alum for Catarrh.—Snuff pulverized alum, and the disease will disappear.
Cure for Asthma.—One ounce of boneset, 1 ounce slippery elm, 1 ounce flaxseed, 1 stick of liquorice then simmer them in 1 quart of water; strain carefully, then add 1-2 pound of loaf sugar; when cold, bottle tight. Dose, 1 tablespoonful 3 or 4 times a day.
To Alleviate Asthma.—For moderatingthe paroxysm, no agent is more valuable in many cases than smoking tobacco. It acts like a charm. Wearing a gauze veil over the face prevents the evil. Keep the bowels open.
Asthma, Parsnip Coffee a Cure for.—Have your parsnips very clean and dry, cut them in slices very thin, bake them until browned through, then grind or beat them fine. Make a pure cof­fee and sweeten it with sugar and milk
Cold on the Chkst.—A flannel dipped in boiling water and sprinkled with turpentine, laid on the chest as quickly as possible, will relieve the most severe cold or hoarsness.
Juniper Tea for a Cold.—Take r cupful of Juniper berries, 1 pint of water, and let it boil down a little; drink hot when going to bed. Excellent for colds and to bring on a profuse perspira­tion.
To Cure and prevent a Cold in the Head.—A Belgian Physi cian.—Rub the back of the head with hartshorn, diluted, rub briskly to prevent taking cold; rub with the same 2 or 3 times a week.
Treatment of Cold in the Head by Friction.—M. Sanety,— Apply briskly to the back of the head, lavender water, etc. It has