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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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HEALTH NOTES.                                    5^5
Cure for Sprains.—A Paris remedy.—If the ankle is sprained, for instance, let the operator hold the foot in his hands with the thumbs meeting on the swollen part, these having been previously greased, are pressed successively, with increasing force, on the in­jured, painful spot for 15 minutes. This application, repeated sev­eral times, will, in the course of the day, enable the patient to walk when other means failed to relieve him.
A SPEEDY Cure for a Sprain.—A large spoonful each of honey and salt, the white of an egg; the whole beaten together for 1 hour, then let it stand and anoint the place sprained with the mixture, keeping the place well bandaged. This has been known to relieve in 24 hours, the patient walking free from pain.
For Sprained Ankle.—Apply cloths dipped in salt and cold wa­ter, elevating the ankle and not walking.
Sprains.—Wash well the root of the black walnut tree, scrape off the outside skin, mash it to a poultice, then stir in vinegar to moisten it to a mush and apply with bandages to the seat of trouble. Mois­ten it every 3 or 4 hours.
A Simple Remedy for Neuralgia.—Take 2 large tablespoonfuls of cologne and two tablespoonfuls of fine salt, mix them well togeth­er in a small bottle. Every time you have acute affection of the facial nerves or neuralgia, simply breathe the fumes in your nose from the bottle and you will be immediately relieved.
To Cure Neuhalgia.—1-2 dram of sal ammonia in 1 oz. of cam­phor spirits. Dose.—1 teaspoonful, and repeat several times, at an interval of five minutes until the pain ceases; try it.
Neuralgia in Face or Head.—Oil of peppermint applied with a small camel's hair pencil to the parts effected, will give instant re­lief.
Violent Neuralgia, or Tic doloreux.—Apply ice to the part four or five minutes, wait five or six minutes and apply again. The painful sensation prodced by the ice is relieved by holding alcohol in the mouth till the natural warmth returns.
Chronic Rheumatism,—1 02. of Peruvian bark, 1-2 oz. of powdered rhubarb, infused in a bottle of wine. Take one, two, or three wineglassfuls daily, as will be found necessary to keep the