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566                                  HEALTH NOTES.
bowels gently open. Wear flannel next to the person, and make frequent use of the flesh brush.
Lumbago.—As a form of counter initiation, a new and successful mode of treating lumbago, has been advocated by several eminent physicians, which consists in the instantaneous application of a flat-iron bottom to the skin, which has been gently heated in a spirit lamp. It should be drawn lightly over the effected part. It is spoken so highly of, that it deserves attention.
For Rheumatism.—Make a poultice of the beaten leaves of the weeping willow and bind it to the joint. Renew if necessary.
Chronic Rheumatism Bitters.—Prickly ash berries, spikenard root, yellow poplar, and white flowered dogwood barks, of each 1-2 pound, all finely powdered and put in a gallon jug and fill up with good brandy. Dose.—Wineglassful 3 times a day, before meals.
Acute Rheumatism.—Dr. B.'s recipe.—1-2 oz. each of sulphur, flowers of mustard, saltpetre, Turkey rhubarb, 1-4 oz. of-powdered griacum; mix. Dose.—A tablespoonful taken every other night, and omitting three nights, and in a wineglass of cold water that has been well boiled.
Lemon Grass Oil is used as a stimulant in rheumatic affections; called oil of verbna by preference, grows in the West Indies and Australia. Some times called ginger grass oil, oil of geranium, oil of spikenard. It is a good liniment. Should be cut while in flower, tied in bundles and distilled as other flowers.
Good Liniment for Rheumatism.—1 gill each of alcohol, beef's gall, spirits of turpentine and sweet or olive oil; 4 oz. gum camphor. Put them all in a bottle and shake it up; use it 2 or 3 times a day, a tablespoonful at a time. Apply it to the parts effected before the fire. It is good also for frost bites.
Arnica.—1 dram tincture of arnica, in 3 gills of alcohol. Un­rivaled for all fresh sprains, cuts, contused wounds, bruises, for rheu­matic joints, gouty pains, pains in the feet and limbs from walking. Shake well before using.
Rheumatism.—1-4 oz. of saltpeter in a pint of alcohol; shake well and bathe parts effected, wetting red flannel with it, lay it on. If not a perfect cure, it relieves the torment and agony, and reduces the inflamation and swelling.
Rheumatism, Inflamatory.—1-2 oz. saltpeter pulverized, in 1-2 pint of sweet oil, bathe the parts effected. .
Another for Rheumatism.—Mrs. Dr. Kemp.—Salycilate of sodium, saturate with water, wet a cloth or rag and apply externally. N. B. While taking salycilic acid internally, ten grains three times a day.