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HEALTH NOTES.                                  567
To Remove Virus in Hydrophobia.—Apply a cupping glass over the wound as soon as possible, and keep it exhausted, then apply lunar caustic or nitric acid, and bind up the wound as tightly as the patient can bear it. Only one cauterization is necessary.
Youatt's Cure for Hydrophobia.—Youatt (the great horse doctor) says he has been bitten 8 or 10 times, and always cured himself by rubbing nitrate of silver on the wound. It should be applied as soon after the accident as may be. In 6 weeks the virus is disseminated through the system and then hope is gone.
Preventative of Hydrophobia.—Profuse prespiration by steam­ing, or any other way needful, which it is hoped may never be.
Snake Bite.—An Indian remedy.—Take indigo and dissolve it in chamber lye, wet a cloth with the liquor and place it on the bite.
Poisonous Stings or Bites.—Put on the place at once, a small piece of raw, fresh meat of any kind.
When Poisoned.—One teaspoonful each of mustard and salt in a tumbler of water, taken at once; it will, almost instantaneous­ly, produce nausea. Then give the whites of 2 eggs in a cup of strongest coffee ; if no coffee, swallow the egg with new cream; if no cream, use sweet milk ; if no milk, swallow the eggs.
For any kind of Sting or Venomous Bite.—Apply cucumber, honey, or a plaster of fresh yeast, which renew as often as it be­comes hot or dry. If the bite is dangerous, as that of an adder, give immediately a teaspoonful of spirits of hartshorn in a wineglass of cold water, and 40 drops more every 15 minutes, till the violent symptoms abate, or till medical advice is procured ; for a child the dose must be lessened according to the age.
poison oak.
Poison Oak. (Domestic.)—Its antidode.—A salve made of equal parts of butter, salt and saleratus; it is a sure and speedy cure. If a person expects to be exposed to its poison, he should take a box of this salve with him and slightly anoint the hands and face. This will often prevent the poison from taking effect.
Cure for California Poison Oak.—Dr. S. A. Brown, U. S. N. —From 10 to 20 drops of bromine to 1 oz. of olive oil, casmoline or glycerine, mix well together, then apply by gently rubbing the effect­ed part 2 or 3 times a day, especially on going to bed at night, and a cure will be effected in 24 hours. The application of glycerine is painful, and posesses no advantage over the olive oil. Note.-—The