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HEALTH NOTES.                                   569
Felon.—Common rock salt, mix with equal parts of turpentine, apply ; when dry, more ; it will cure in 24 hours.
Salt Petre a Cure for Felon.—Make a poultice of pulverized salt petre, just moistened to a paste, put on a cloth, apply and bind it on.
A Simple Cure for a Felon.—When the part begins to swell, wrap a cloth around it and then saturate it and keep it wet with the tincture of lobelia. If applied in time, it rarely fails to cure.
Salve for a Felon.—A salve may be made by burning a table-spoonful of copperas, then pulverize it and mix it with the yolks of eggs. It will relieve the pain and cure the felon in 24 hours. Then heal with a mixture of 2-3 cream and 1-3 soft soap. Soak the part in warm water, and then daily apply the healing salve.
Russian Salve.—Equal parts of yellow wax and sweet oil; melt slowly and carefully stirring, when cooling, stir in a little glycerine. Good for sore lips and all kinds of wounds and sores.
Felon is a rising caused by a wound, deep enough to reach the bone and inflame it; a boil between the bone and sinew, and the quickest and surest way is to lance it to the bone. It will give in­stant relief, as the extraction of a tooth will relieve tooth ache.
Bone Felon Arrested by Congelation.—Dr. James B. Walker, St. Louis, Mo., says, in the Medical Archives, that holding the finger affected 2 hours in a freezing mixture, alternating the application, the felon will cease to be painful, or cease to be felt.
Treatment of Whitlow.—Steam the hands in bitter herbs for 30 or 40 minutes, bathe it frequently in strong hot lye-water, as long as it can be borne, apply a poultice of flaxseed and slippery elm, with a little brandy; a yeast poultice, or one of powderd hops, which is very effective to relieve pain, gentle apperients, tonics and nutitious food.
Goitre, or Enlarged Neck.—Iodide of potassium, 2 drachms; iodine, 1 drachm ; water, 2 1-2 ozs,, mix and shake for a few min­utes and pour into a bottle or vial for internal use. Dose: 5 to 10 drops before each meal, taken in a little water. Then with a feather wet the goitre from another bottle of the same mixture night and morning until relieved.
Cure for Boils.—Mix a little beer with brewers yeast and take it 3 times a day; it will cause the boils to disappear.
Simple Cure for Boils.—Wet the pimple or boil, especially in the middle, with sweet oil and camphor. Apply with the end of the finger.