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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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57<3                                   HEALTH NOTES,
Gum Boil.—To mature its ripening, divide a fig and apply it An old Lady's Remedy for Carbuncles, Boils and Risings. —Mix together wheat flour, molasses, a little pounded or pulverized Indian (wild) turnip, so as to form a paste, put on a cloth and apply as early as possible to arrest it.
kidney diseases.
For Gravel.—Dr. Motharty.—Ground ivy steeped in ale, then dilute with water and sweaten with clear honey. Use at pleasure 2 or 4 times a day.
Watermelons, Seeds and Roots.—This melon is nourishing, cooling, and diuretic, when fully ripe and not stale. The seeds make a good vermifuge, and tea in gravel; the pulp of the root is cathartic.
Gravel or Strangury.—i spoonful of honey, i spoonful of oat meal. Pour to them a quart of boiling water; stirring the mixture well; let it cool, and drink one-half at night before going to bed, and the other half in the morning, fasting. Stir it well before drink­ing; repeat this every day constantly, making the drink fresh every day.
Cure for Kidney Affections..—"Aunt Betsey," colored.—Get your druggist to mix in the proper proportion, sweet spirits of niter, spirits of turpentine and balsam of copaiva. If the patient can stand it, give three drops of the mixture .before breakfast and four before lunch; if delicate, give one drop less.
Peach Lraves \nd the Kidneys.—A tea made of fresh leaves is a grand remedy for a kidney difficulty.
The Smart Weed is very valuable in kidney diseases. Make a strong decoction of the weed with a white flower and drink it cold until relieved. It is a pleasant and valuable remedy.
Urinating in Bed.—German.—To prevent.—Boil well together making a strong decoction of the inside bark of white oak, juniper berries and onions. Remove from the fire, pour the contents into a wooden vessel not too long, then camomile flowers, thyme, and mullein flowers, so as to make it strong. Place the vessel under a seat, place yourself over it, then put a hot stone in it, then pin the clothes close, wrap yourself up, so as to steam yourself well. Be careful not to get cold too suddenly. Get in bed and cover up well with a hot brick or stone at your feet. Drink a cupful of mullein tea as hot as you can. Repeat this several nights in suc­cession. Do not expose yourself to drafts, nor take cold.
Liniment for White Swelling and Palsy.—Boil to a strong tea, the root and the flower of the bear foot. Strain it, then stew