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HEALTH NOTES-                                   571
with sweet hog's lard until all the water has evaporated. Keep in a close jar- Rub well the parts effected, and wrap in flannel Re­peat until benefited.
Liniment in Use at the Pennsylvania Ho pital.—Mrs. Dr. Kemp.—Yolk of one egg; acetic acid two 02.; oil of turpentine three oz ; water three oz.; apply externally.
Liniment of Camphor.—P. S.—Camphor 1 drachm; olive oil 4 fluid oz.; gently heat the oil, add the camphor, cut small, and agitate till dissolved. The Dublin colle^ ;e orders only one-half the above camphor. Stimulant, anodyne, and resolvent; in sprains, bruises, and rheumatic pains, glandular enlargements, eLc.
Mexican Mustang Liniment.—Mix 2 fluid oz. petroleum, 1 fluid oz. ammonia water, and 1 fluid dram of brandy.
Magic Liniment—Alcohol, 1 quart; gum camphor, 4 oz. For cuts or calks in horses or cattle (in winter) it has no equal; but it must be applied often. For human flesh use twice the amount of alcohol, and no liniment will be found superior to it.
An Excellent Liniment is prepared by mixing 6 oz. of spirits of wine and 2 oz. of spirits ammonia and 2 drams of lavender.
Lotion of Arnica for Bruises, Sprains, Burns, &c.—Take 1 ounce of arnica flowers dried, and put them in a wide mouthed bottle, pour over just enough scalding water to moisten them, after­wards abou* 1 or 1-2 pints spirits of wine. In case of a burn or bruise,' etc., wet a cloth in the arnica and lay it on the part effected. Renew this occasionally, and the pain will be removed.
Trask's Oinment.—Equal parts of resin, lard; and tobacco; steep the tobacco to get the strength of it. A little brown sugar and castile soap.
Brown Ointment.—1 drachm extract of henbane, 1-2 oz. yellow wax, 2 1-2 drachms precipitate, 1 1-4 drachms pure powdered zinc 3 oz. fresh butter; melt and mix, and add to it 1-2 drachms of camphor dissolved in olive oil; good for cutaneous diseases, ulcers, sore lips, itch, etc.
Grfen Ointment—Make a very strong tea by boiling the leaves of Jamestown weed (jimson weed) then in proportion to 1 gallon of the tea, add 3 pounds of sweet and fresh lard. Stew till the water has evaporated. Strain through muslin, and to each pound add 1 ounce spirits of turpentine; add it when the lard is nearly cold Put it in jars and cover closely. ,
Wax Ointment.—Take of white wax, 4 oz.; spermacetti, 3 oz.; olive oil, 1 pint; mix them together over a slow fire. Stir them very