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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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The bed room shonld be a sanctuary of cleanliness and order, in which no injurious exhalations can remain for a moment, and no trace of uncleanliness offend a single sense.
To purify a sick room of smells, use bromo chloralum in the pro­portion of i tablespoonful to 8 of water; dip cloths in the prepara­tion and hang them in the room. A weak solution of this will purify any surface by applying it after the article has been well washed. It is excellent for wounds and sores that are offensive, and will puri­fy the breath by rinsing the mouth with it.
Injection for Leucorrhea or Whites.—Inner bark of spotted alder, alder bark and leaves. Inject tea twice a day with a proper syringe.
Remedy for Whites.—Injection of green tea, 4 or 5 grains of sugar of lead in a wine glass of soft or rain water, given as an in­jection.
Whites.—A tea of blood root injected in the womb is good for this weakening complaint; use a female syringe.
French Remedy for the Whites.—Mix up the balsam of copai-va with wax or pure fat and a little opium, until of the consistency of dough. It is then made into a plug and introduced into the pas­sage, where it may be worn for half an hour morning and evening. The French women prefer this treatment to taking medicine in the usual way.
menstruation or menses.
For Female Troubles.—One tablespoonful ot cream of tartar, 1 spoonful of gum arabic; pour a pint of boiling water over it and stir till dissolved. When cool, drink. Make fresh every morning, never take it stale. Repeat if the symptoms appear or return.
Obstructed Menses.—Wesley.—Boil 5 large heads of hemp in a pint of water till reduced to 1-2, strain and drink hot after getting in bed,.and cover up closely. Repeat 2 or 3 nights.
Painful Menstruation.—Ten drops of laudanum in Holland gin, and pennyroyal tea. The patient in bed with a hot brick to the feet.
Female Pills.—These pills are good for sallowness of the skin, nervous headache, depression of spirits and female obstruction. Black cohash (rattle snake root), tansy, unicorn root, gum myrrh, each 1 oz., aloes and lobelia, each 1 drachm; cayenne, 1-2 drachm. Mix and make into pills with a very little gum water.