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57 }                                     HEALTH NOTES.
F km ale Regulating Pills.—Aloes, red oxide of iron, white tur­pentine, each i oz. each, melt the turpentine and strain ; mix well form it into pills with mucilage, and take 2 or 3 per day,
For Piles.—Jamestown weed leaves (vulgar jimson) bruised and stewed in lard to a salve. Excellent. Apply the ointment.
Ointment for Piles—Four ounces hog's lard, 2 drachms cam­phor, powdered; 1 ounce galls, 1-2 ounce laudanum; mix. Make an ointment to be applied every night at bed time.
Piles, a Sailor's Remedy.—Take the pitched rope and pick it into lint, put on a cloth and wear it under the afflicted part. The cloth may be pasted on the under garment. The tar will cure in a few days.                       x
. Golden Salve.—Two quarts of raw linseed oil, 3 lbs. of good fresh resin, 3 pounds of beesewax ; melt thoroughly together and turn it into tin boxes. This is the best known salve for burns, scalds, flesh wounds, old sores, piles, &c.
N. B. Smaller quantities may be made, using the same propor­tions.
cancers and other sores.
Cancer.—Dr. Motherly.—One handful of crow's foot, 3 good sprigs in flower of may weed (dog fennel) well pounded, then add 7 teaspoonfuls each of pure flowers of sulphur and white dry ar­senic; mix well together, bottle perfectly air-tight. When used, mix with the yolk of an egg, make a plaster as large as the sore, being careful that it does not get in the eye or mouth or nose. Let it come off of itself.
A New Cause of Cancer.—The physicians of New York report an alarming increase of cancer on the nose, caused by the practice of wearing eye glasses that are held to the bridge of the nose by a spring.
An American's Method.—The Americans boil olive oil to a pro­per consistency, then make a salve of it. It is said by the travel­ers to be a good remedy.
For Cancer.—Mrs.Kellogg.—If the cancer is not very much advanced, apply a poultice made of yolk of eggs and salt well stir­red together. It is very soothing, and should be applied until the core comes out.
N. B. This does not apply to rose cancer.
Another, of the Juice of Sheep Sorrel.—Mrs. Kellogg.— Beat the juice of sheep sorrel, a large handful or more, then squeeze