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576                                 THE NURSERY.
time as common starch is, or it will be lumpy. All the time the preparation is being boiled, it must be stired to keep it from burn­ing. As the child becomes older, the quantity of milk and water must be reversed, that is, one pint of water instead of two pints of water, and two pints of milk instead of one of milk.
Care of Children.—The best cordial for children is proper food; the finest syrup is through cleanliness, and the most efficacious of all "soothing" medicines is good management, with a due propor­tion of sleep.
Children, when going to sleep, should have a light, if they wish it. It is a mistaken kindness to force them to go to sleep in the dark.
Premonition of Sickness in Children.—If a child wakes up in the morning and calls for a drink of water the first thing, such child is perfectly certain to be sick before noon. The course to be pur­sued is to keep him in bed, and by warm drinks promote perspira­tion, eating nothing whatever until the afternoon, when he may be amused by giving him some cold, dry bread to nibble, and the next day he will be about again. Otherwise a breakfast will be eaten, fever comes on, and vomiting and several days' illness.
Cholera Infantum—Give an enema at once of warm,but not too hot water. It is at the fundament the disease begins. Keep the patient warm.
For Babies with Diarrhfa.—One teaspoonful of parched wheat flour boiled in a cup of milk.
Cuke for Ear-ache.—Children are sometimes afflicted with ear­ache to an alarming extent, and there is sometimes a difficulty in obtaining an effectual remedy for this disorder. Take a piece or salt pork or fat bacon, say an inch or more long and 1-2 inch square, cut down one end to fit the ear and insert it, taking care to have the piece too large to slip in. Tie a handkerchief to keep it in place, if the child will allow it.
Rising or Painful Gathering in the Ear.-—Apply warm a few drops of castor oil in the ear dropped from a spoon, then saturate a piece of cotton wool and close the ear. The oil is very healing to running ears. Of its beneficial effects I speak from what I have seen.
Hives or Nettle Rash.—Rub the places over with flour; grease and drink sassafras or Santa Yerba tea, or give a mixture of three-fourths cream of tartar and one-fourth of sulphur mixed with milk, water or molasses.
Sea Holly or "Fit Weed."—Much used in decoction in the West Indies for hysterics. , Scurf in the Head,—Dr. Chase.—Wet the roots of the hair