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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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THE NURSERY.                                 $77
with a mixture of lime water, not strong, and some fine fruit vine­gar.
Powder, Violet, por Children, During Excoriations. — Powdered starch, 28 pounds; powdered orris root, 1 pound ; essence of bergamot, 1-4 ounce; oil of rhodium, 1-2 drachm. Mix and press through a sieve.
For Babies while Teething.—Tea of the milk (male) purslain while teething or suffering from bowel complaint. Add a few leaves of horse mint; put sugar and new milk enough to make it palata­ble.
Teething Children.—A recipe for.— One pound of honey, two tablespoonfuls each of paragoric and oil of aniseseed; add enough of either to make a thick syrup; bottle closely. For children. A dose of a teaspoonful now and then.
Sore Mouth and Trush.—With the handle of a spoon put on the tongue, or with a cloth wound around the fore finger dipped in equal portions of loaf sugar and borax mixed together, and rub the gums, roof of the mouth and tongue with it.
Note—Tea made of sumach berries is also excellent. Touch the mouth with the finger as with the powdered mixture.
Vaccination in infancy is an almost perfect safeguard until the fourteenth year. Let every youth be re-vaccinated on entering fourteen. Let several attempts be made, so as to be certain of safety.
Cure for Croup—M. Courd, N. O.—1 teaspoonful of Carracas indigo" to a wine glassful of water; add sugar enough to make a syrup. Administer one teaspoonful every half hour; if necessary, one every fifteen [minutes, as circumstances may require. This remedy has been used by the most eminent physicians in N. O. for the most obstinate cases of croup, and whenever tried proved in­fallible.
Croup.—Mix 1 teasponful of powdered alum with 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar. Give immediately. It gives instant relief;
Croup, to Prevent in Children.—Cut a chamois skin to fit the* neck of the child, then sew some tape on it to fasten it by, then melt some mutton tallow and pine tar, and rub the mixture or some of it on the skin, and let the child wear it all the time, painting the skin with the mixture when it begins to wear off.
Simple Cure for Croup.—Journal of Heath.—The moment a child is taken with croup, apply cold or ice water, suddenly and freely to the neck and chest with a sponge. The breathing will be almost instantly relieved and let the patient drink as much as it possibly can. Then wipe dry and cover up, and a sweet sleep will follow.