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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Cure For Croup.—In places where a physician cannot be had immediately, it is best to keep on hand alum pulverized as fine as flour (a sure remedy). In case of croup, mix the pulverized alum with syrup or molasses, and give a small teacupful. Repeat it every two or three minutes until vomiting is produced, when the trouble will be over.
Membranous Croup.—i teaspoonful each of sulphur and molas­ses mixed together. Give promptly. After vomiting repeat the quantity.
Tape Worm.—German, Mrs. Norwold.—Take the pumpkin seed from a large pumpkin just opened, before they dry at all, then beat them in a mortar fine, then squeeze the juice from them through a rag, then take of this juice a large tablespoonful with a little clear honey, mixed well, before breakfast for two days, taking sparingly of food, drinking slippery elm tea cold. The third day take a mild apperient, a teaspoonful of cream of tartar, 3 of Bass' pills, drink­ing the slippery elm tea water. If this removes only a part of the worm, continue to take the pumpkin seed juice, and the elm tea. Not drinking it the third day; when you take the purge for a week or ten days, the head and all will come away, for this worm ex­tends from the stomach through the entire length of the bowels, like a jointed snake. If only the joints come away without the head, it will grow again. Note.—Always take the juice before breakfast on an empty stomach. If you cannot get the elm, take the pumpkin juice with a little honey.
Domestic Home Confection.—Make a strong decoction of sage leaves, worm seed or leaves. Strain and add sugar or molasses and boil to a syrup, or candy till it granulates. Children like it. I know it to be a valuable remedy.
Remedy for Worms.—Dissolve in a two ounce vial filled with water, a piece of copperas, of the size of a pea. Take for 3 or 4 days, a teaspoonful of the mixture. Then rest 3 days. If not re­lieved, use it some days longer. A child under 2 years, give 1-2 * the quantity.
Salt and Water is an excellent enema for pin worms in children.
Scaries and Pin Worms.-—Mix together one*half pint of strong lye made from ashes of the white ash bark with 1 pint of warm water. Take 2 or 3 pints a day.
Baths for Children should always contain borax in the water.
Babies' Washing.—N. B. In doing this the first time after their birth, the nurse should be careful not to get any of the water in the eyes, as it will cause sore eyes, which may become chronic, and finally produce blindness, nor in the mouth, as that may cause it to beco me sore.