The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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THE LAUNDRY.                                 5?$
Arabs bathe their children in salt and water.
Soreness or Chafe on any part of the body, powder pipe clay.
Failure to Make Water.-—Make a tea of beaten watermelon, pumpkin, or flax seed tea; give a little.
Groin Hernia.—Keep the child lying down as much as possi­ble, and do not let it cry. If the rupture does not heal itself; apply a pitch plaster. If this fails call in a physician and have it made under the direction of an experienced physician. Note. Groin rupture can be cured if taken in season. Push in the protrud­ing bowel, and while lying down apply the plaster.
Cure for Diarrhea.—Cut up a dozen green persimmons with 1 ounce of red wood bark ; boil these in a pint of water until reduced to 1-2, then add 1 ounce gum arabic and 1-2 pound of white sugar. Boil this mixture with a teaspoonful of syrup from blackberry pre­serves (if the preserves have not fermented), stew down to a stiff syrup, sift coarse white sugar in a clean sheet of white paper and drop the candy on it in the shape of lozenges. Let the patient eat 3 or 4 a day. Drink gum arabic water and toast water.
Cholera Medicines.—When the premonitory symptom is diar­rhea, use as recommended. Chalk mixture, 1 ounce, 10 or 15 grains aromatic confection, 3 to 15 drops tincture of opium. To be re­peated every 3 or 4 hours, or oftener, if the attack be severe, until the looseness is stopped.
An Excellent Washing Fluid.—Three tablespoonfuls each of soda and spirits of camphor to 2 pints of salt water put into a bot­tle, and before using shake it well; to 3 cups of soft soap add 4 tablespoonfuls of the mixture, make suds of warm water and the fluid, soak the clothes in it for 30 minutes, then with the same quan­tity of fluid and soap make another suds, and boil the clothes in it for 1-4 hour, then rinse them in 2 waters.
Washing Fluid.—One-half pint of spirits of turpentine, 1-4 lb. of sal soda in water, 1-2 gallon of soft soap ; make 1 gallon of fluid; 1-2 pint makes enough for one washing.
Belgium Washing Fluid.—In Holland they use 1-2 pound of powdered borax in 10 gallons water; very little soap is needed. Borax water should be on every toilet stand.
Fig Leaf tea, to Stiffen Black Calicoes.—After washing the article through 3 warm waters, rinse it in the fig-leaf tea; when nearly dry, fold, let it remain an hour and iron immediately. Ox gall sets dark colors well. One tablespoonful to a gallon of water,