The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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THUMBELINA                                39
his wedding day with Thumbelina. But she was not glad at all, for she did not like the tiresome Mole. Every morning when the sun rose, and every""evening when it went down, she crept out at the door ; and when the wind blew the corn ears apart, so that she could see the blue sky, she thought how bright and beautiful it was out here, and wished so much to see her dear Swallow again. But the Swallow did not come back ; he had doubtless flown far away, in the fair green forest. When autumn came on, Thumbelina had all her outfit ready.
' In four weeks you shall celebrate your wedding,' said the Field Mouse to her.
But Thumbelina wept, and declared she would not have the tiresome Mole.
' Nonsense,' said the Field Mouse ; ' don't be obstinate, or I will bite you with my white teeth. He is a very fine man whom you will marry. The queen herself has not such a black velvet fur ; and his kitchen and cellar are full. Be thankful for your good fortune.'
Now the wedding was to be held. The Mole had already come to fetch Thumbelina ; she was to live with him, deep under the earth, and never to come out into the warm sunshine, for that he did not like. The poor little thing was very sorrowful ; she was now to say farewell to the glorious sun, which, after all, she had been allowed by the Field Mouse to see from the threshold of the door.
1 Farewell, thou bright sun ! ' she said, and stretched out her arms towards it, and walked a little way forth from the house of the Field Mouse, for now the corn had been reaped, and only the dry stubble stood in the fields. 1 Farewell ! ' she repeated, and threw her little arms round a little red flower which still bloomed there. ' Greet the dear Swallow from me, if you see her again.'
' Tweet-weet! tweet-weet! ' a voice suddenlv sounded over her head. She looked up ; it was the Swallow, who was just flying by. When he saw Thumbelina he was very glad ; and Thumbelina told him how loth she was to have the ugly Mole for her husband, and that she was to live deep under the earth, where the sun never shone. And she could not refrain from weeping.
* The cold winter is coming now/ said the Swallow ;