The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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44                        THE NAUGHTY BOY
warm room, and been so kind to him, and given him the best wine and the best apple !
The good poet lay upon the floor and wept; he was really shot straight into the heart. ' Fie !' he cried, ' what a naughty boy this Cupid is ! I shall tell that to all good children, so that they may take care, and never play with him, for he will do them harm ! '
All good children, girls and boys, to whom he told this, took good heed of this naughty Cupid ; but still he tricked them, for he is very cunning. When the students come out from the lectures, he runs at their side with a book under his arm, and has a black coat on. They cannot recognize him at all. And then they take his arm and fancy he is a student too ; but he thrusts the arrow into their breasts. When the girls are being prepared for confirmation, he is also after them. Yes, he is always following people ! He sits in the great chandelier in the theatre and burns brightly, so that the people think he is a lamp ; but afterwards they see their error. He runs about in the palace garden and on the promenades. Yes, he once shot your father and your mother straight into the heart! Only ask them, and you will hear what they say. Oh, he is a bad boy, this Cupid ; you must never have anything to do with him. He is after every one. Only think, once he shot an arrow at old grandmamma ; but that was a long time ago. The wound has indeed healed long since, but she will never forget it. Fie on that wicked Cupid ! But now you know him, and what a naughty boy he is.
Poor J[ohn|was in great tribulation, for his father was veryitl,-and could not get well again. Except these two, there was no one at all in the little room : the lamp on the table was nearly extinguished, and it was quite late in the evening.
* You have been a good son, John/ said the sick father. ' Providence will help you through the world.' And he looked at him with mild earnest eyes, drew a deep breath,