The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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full length—the man was dead. Great fear fell upon the man who had tweaked him ; dead the watchman was, and dead he remained. It was reported, and it was discussed, and in the morning the body was carried out to the hospital.
That would be a pretty jest for the soul if it should chance to come back, and probably seek its body in the East Street, and not find it ! Most likely it Mould go first to the police and afterwards to the address office, that in­quiries might be made from thence respecting the missing goods ; and then it would wander out to the hospital. But we may console ourselves with the idea that the soul is most clever when it acts upon its own account ; it is the body that makes it stupid.
As we have said, the watchman's body was taken to the hospital, and brought into the washing-room ; and natur­ally enough the first thing they did there was to pull off the goloshes ; and then the soul had to come back. It took its way directly towards the body, and in a few seconds there was life in the man. He declared that this had been the most terrible night of his life ; he would not have such feelings again, not for a shilling ; but now it was past and over.
The same day he was allowed to leave ; but the goloshes remained at the hospital.
A Great Moment.—A Very Unusual Journey
Every one who belongs to Copenhagen knows the look of the entrance to the Frederick's Hospital in Copenhagen ; but as, perhaps, a few will read this story who do not belong to Copenhagen, it becomes necessary to give a short description of it.
The hospital is separated from the street by a tolerably high railing, in which the thick iron rails stand so far apart, that certain very thin inmates are said to have squeezed between them, and thus paid their little visits outside the premises. The part of the body most difficult to get through was the head ; and here, as it often happens