The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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very good. I wish I were already lying on the highest board in the bath-house.'
And there he lay on the highest board in the vapour bath ; but he was lying there in all his clothes, in boots and goloshes, and the hot drops from the ceiling were falling on his face.
' Hi! ' he cried, and jumped down to take a plunge bath.
The attendant uttered a loud cry on seeing a person there with all his clothes on. The volunteer had, however, enough presence of mind to whisper to him, ' It's for a wager ! ' But the first thing he did when he got into his own room was to put a big blister on the nape of his neck, and another on his back, that they might draw out his madness.
Next morning he had a very sore back ; and that was all he had got by the goloshes of Fortune.
The Transformation of the Copying Clerk
The watchman, whom we assuredly have not yet for­gotten, in the meantime thought of the goloshes, which he had found and brought to the hospital. He took them away ; but as neither the lieutenant nor any one in the street would own them, they were taken to the police office.
1 They look exactly like my own goloshes,' said one of the copying gentlemen, as he looked at the unowned articles and put them beside his own. ' More than a shoe­maker's eye is required to distinguish them from one another.'
• Mr. Copying Clerk,' said a servant, coming in with some papers.
The copying clerk turned and spoke to the man : when he had done this, he turned to look at the goloshes again ; he was in great doubt if the right-hand or the left-hand pair belonged to him.
6 It must be those that are wet,' he thought. Now here