The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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' Heaven preserve me ! ' he cried. ' How could I have come here and fallen so soundly asleep ? That was an unquiet dream, too, that I had. The whole thing was great nonsense.'
The Best that the Goloshes brought
On the following day, quite early in the morning, as the clerk still lay in bed, there came a tapping at his door : it was his neighbour who lodged on the same floor, a young theologian ; and he came in.
' Lend me your goloshes,' said he. ' It is very wet in the garden, but the sun shines gloriously, and I should like to smoke a pipe down there.'
He put on the goloshes, and was soon in the garden, which contained a plum tree and a pear tree. Even a little garden like this is highly prized in Copenhagen.
The student wandered up and down the path ; it was only six o'clock, and a post-horn sounded out in the street.
' Oh, travelling ! travelling ! ' he cried out, * that's the greatest happiness in all the world. That's the highest goal of my wishes. Then this disquietude that I feel would be stilled. But it would have to be far away. I should like to see beautiful Switzerland, to travel through Italy,
Yes, it was a good thing that the goloshes took effect immediately, for he might have gone too far even for him­self, and for us others too. He was travelling ; he was in the midst of Switzerland, packed tightly with eight others in the interior of a diligence. He had a headache and a weary feeling in his neck, and his feet had gone to sleep, for they were swollen by the heavy boots he had on. He was hovering in a condition between sleeping and waking. In his right-hand pocket he had his letter of credit, in his left-hand pocket his passport, and a few louis d'or were sewn into a little bag he wore on his breast. Whenever he dozed off, he dreamed he had lost one or other of these possessions ; and then he would start up in a feverish way, and the first movement his hand made