The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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152              THE GARDEN OF PARADISE
my sport, I blew, and let my sailing ships, the big icebergs, crush the boats between them. Oh, how the people whistled, and how they cried ! but I whistled louder than they. They were obliged to throw the dead walruses and their chests and tackle out upon the ice. I shook the snowflakes over them, and let them drive south in their crushed boats with their booty to taste salt water. They'll never come to Bear's Island again ! '
' Then you have done a wicked thing ! ' said the mother of the Winds.
1 What good I have done others may tell,' replied he. ' But here comes a brother from the west. I like him best of all: he tastes of the sea and brings a delicious coolness with him.'
Is that little Zephyr ? ' asked the Prince.
1 Yes, certainly, that is Zephyr,' replied the old woman. ' But he is not little. Years ago he was a pretty boy, but that's past now.'
He looked like a wild man, but he had a broad-brimmed hat on, to save his face. In his hand he held a club of mahogany, hewn in the American mahogany forests. It was no trifle.
' Where do you come from ? ' said his mother.
I Out of the forest wilderness,' said he,{where the thorny creepers make a fence between every tree, where the water-snake lies in the wet grass, and people don't seem to be wanted.'
' What were you doing there ? '
II  looked into the deepest river, and watched how it rushed down from the rocks, and turned to spray, and shot up towards the clouds to carry the rainbow. I saw the wild buffalo swimming in the stream, but the stream carried him away. He drifted with the flock of wild ducks that flew up where the water fell down in a cataract. The buffalo had to go down it ! That pleased me, and I blew a storm, so that ancient trees were split up into splinters !'
1 And have you done nothing else ?' asked the old dame.
* I have thrown somersaults in the Savannahs : I have stroked the wild horses and shaken the coco-nut palms. Yes, yes, I have stories to tell! But one must not tell all one knows. You know that, old lady.'