The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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And then they nodded in a strange fashion with their heads.
The Rose-elf could not at all understand how they could be so quiet, and he flew out to the bees that were gather­ing honey, and told them the story of the wicked brother. And the bees told it to their Queen, and the Queen com­manded that they should all kill the murderer next morning. But in the night—it was the first night that followed upon the sister's death—when the brother was sleeping in his bed, close to the fragrant jasmine, each flower opened, and invisible, but armed with poisonous spears, the flower-souls came out and seated themselves in his ear, and told him bad dreams, and then flew across his lips and pricked his tongue with the poisonous spears.
' Now we have avenged the dead man !' they said, and flew back into the jasmine's white bells.
When the morning came and the windows of the bed­chamber were opened, the Rose-elf and the Queen Bee and the whole swarm of bees rushed in to kill him.
But he was dead already. People stood around his bed, and said, ' The scent of the jasmine has killed him !' Then the Rose-elf understood the revenge of the flowers, and told it to the Queen and to the bees, and the Queen hummed with the whole swarm around the flower-pot. The bees were not to be driven away. Then a man carried away the flower-pot, and one of the bees stung him in the hand, so that he let the pot fall, and it broke in pieces.
Then they beheld the whitened skull, and knew that the dead man on the bed was a murderer.
And the Queen Bee hummed in the air, and sang of the revenge of the bees, and of the Rose-elf, and said that behind the smallest leaf there dwells One who can bring the evil to light, and repay it.