The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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' THERE IS A DIFFERENCE '              419
Bough had been. Very gently the large leaves were now removed, and lo, there appeared the ftne feathery seed crown of the despised dandelion ! This it was that the lady had plucked with the greatest care, and had carried home with every precaution, so that not one of the delicate feathery darts that form its downy ball should be blown away. She now produced it, quite uninjured, and admired its beautiful form, its peculiar construction, and its airy beauty, which was to be scattered by the wind.
1 Look, with what singular beauty Providence has in­vested it/ she said. ' I will paint it, together with the Apple Branch, whose beauty all have admired ; but this humble flower has received just as much from Heaven in a different way ; and, various as they are, both are children of the kingdom of beauty/
And the Sunbeam kissed the humble flower, and he kissed the blooming Apple Branch, whose leaves appeared to blush thereat.
In a little provincial town, in the house of a man who owned his own home, the whole family was sitting together in a circle one evening, in the time of the year when people say * the evenings are drawing in \ The weather was still mild and warm. The lamp was lighted ; the long curtains hung down in front of the windows, by which stood many flower-pots ; and outside there was the most beautiful moonshine. But they were not talking about this. They were talking about the old great stone which lay below in the courtyard, close by the kitchen door, and on which the maids often laid the cleaned copper kitchen utensils that they might dry in the sun, and where the children were fond of playing. It was, in fact, an old gravestone.
1 Yes/ said the master of the house, * I believe the stone comes from the old convent church ; for from the old convent church yonder, which was taken down, the pulpit, the memorial boards, and the gravestones were sold. My father bought several of the latter, and they were cut in