The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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of the blacksmith, very young and fair, stood by the well drawing water, and nodded to the grand-dame, and the old woman nodded to her, and showed her a letter that had come from a long way off. That very morning the letter had arrived from the cold regions of the North— there where the grandson was resting in the hand of God. And they smiled and wept ; and he, far away among the ice and snow, under the pinions of the angel, he, too, smiled and wept with them in spirit, for he saw them and heard them. And from the letter they read aloud the words of Holy Writ, that in the uttermost parts of the sea His right hand would be a stay and a safety. And the sound of a beauteous hymn welled up all around ; and the angel spread his wings like a veil over the sleeping youth. The vision had fled, and it grew dark in the snow hut; but the Bible rested beneath his head, and faith and hope dwelt in his soul. God was with him ; and he carried home about with him in his heart, even in the uttermost parts of the sea.
In the nursery a number of toys lay strewn about: high up, on the wardrobe, stood the Money-box, it was of clay in the shape of a little pig ; of course the pig had a slit in its back, and this slit had been so enlarged with a knife that whole dollar-pieces could slip through ; and, indeed, two such had slipped into the box, besides a number of pence. The Money-pig was stuffed so full that it could no longer rattle, and that is the highest point a Money-pig can attain. There it stood upon the cupboard, high and lofty, looking down upon everything else in the room. It knew very well that what it had in its stomach would have bought all the toys, and that's what we call having self-respect.
The others thought of that too, even if they did not exactly express it, for there were many other things to speak of. One of the drawers was half pulled out, and