The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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JACK THE DULLARD                       519
and the boards seemed to re-echo with his footsteps, and the ceiling of the hall was made of looking-glass, so that he saw himself standing on his head ; and at the window stood three clerks and a head clerk, and every one of them was writing down every single word that was uttered, so that it might be printed in the newspapers, and sold for a penny at the street corners. It was a terrible ordeal, and they had moreover made such a fire in the stove, that the stove-pipe was quite red hot.
' It is dreadfully hot here ! ' observed the first brother.
1 Yes,' replied the Princess, ' my father is going to roast young pullets to-day.'
Baa ! there he stood. He had not been prepared for a speech of this kind, and had not a word to say, though he intended to say something witty. Baa !
' He is of no use ! ' said the Princess. ' Away with him ! '
And he was obliged to go accordingly. And now the second brother came in.
1 It is terribly warm here ! ' he observed.
' Yes, we're roasting pullets to-day,' replied the Princess.
' What—what were you—were you pleased to ob------'
stammered he—and all the clerks wrote down, ' pleased to ob------'
' He is of no use ! ' said the Princess. ' Away with him ! '
Now came the turn of Jack the Dullard. He rode into the hall on his goat.
1 Well, it's most desperately hot here.'
1 Yes, because I'm roasting young pullets,' replied the Princess.
' Ah, that's lucky ! ' exclaimed Jack the Dullard, ' then I suppose I can get a crow roasted ? '
' With the greatest pleasure,' said the Princess. ' But have you anything you can roast it in ? for I have neither pot nor pan.'
' Certainly I have ! ' said Jack. ' Here 's a cooking utensil with a tin handle.'
And he brought out the old wooden shoe, and put the crow into it.
' Well, that is a famous dish ! ' said the Princess. ' But what shall we do for sauce ? '
' Oh, I have that in my pocket,' said Jack : ' I have so