The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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was in full progress. The world knew not which of the two was the true one ; and, indeed, how should.the world know ?
' To trust in thyself and in God is best; His good will be done for ever,'
sang the blind girl, in full faith. She entrusted the four green leaves from the Tree of the Sun to the winds, as a letter and a greeting to her brothers, and had full confi­dence that they would reach their destination, and that the jewel would be found which outshines all the glories of the world. From the forehead of humanity it would gleam even to the castle of her father.
' Even to my father's house,' she repeated. : Yes, the place of the jewel is on earth, and I shall bring more than the promise of it with me. I feel its glow, it swells more and more in my closed hand. Every grain of truth, were it never so fine, which the sharp wind carried up and whirled towards me, I took up and treasured ; I let it be penetrated by the fragrance of the beautiful, of which there is so much in the world, even for the blind. I took the sound of the beating heart engaged in what is good, and added it to the first. All that I bring is but dust, but still it is the dust of the jewel we seek, and in plenty. I have my whole hand full of it.'
And she stretched forth her hand towards her father. She was soon at home—she had travelled thither in the flight of thoughts, never having quitted her hold of the invisible thread from the paternal home.
The evil powers rushed with hurricane fury over the Tree of the Sun, pressed with a wind-blast against the open doors, and into the sanctuary.
' It will be blown away by the wind ! ' said the father, and he seized the hand she had opened.
1 No,' she replied, with quiet confidence, ' it cannot be blown away ; I feel the beam warming my very soul.'
And the father became aware of a glancing flame, there where the shining dust poured out of her hand over the Book of Truth, that was to tell of the certainty of an everlasting life ; and on it stood one shining word—one only word—' Faith.'
And with the father and daughter were again the four