The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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554:           THE STONE OF THE WISE MEN
brothers. When the green leaf fell upon the bosom of each, a longing for home had seized them and led them back. They had arrived. The birds of passage, and the stag, the antelope, and all the creatures of the forest followed them, for all wished to have a part in their joy.
We have often seen, where a sunbeam bursts through a crack in the door into the dusty room, how a whirling column of dust seems circling round ; but this was not poor and insignificant like common dust, for even the rainbow is dead in colour compared with the beauty which showed itself. Thus, from the leaf of the book with the beaming word ' Faith ', arose every grain of truth, decked with the charms of the beautiful and the good, burning brighter than the mighty pillar of flame that led Moses and the children of Israel through the desert ; and from the word 'Faith' went the bridge of Hope the Infinite.
* That was a remarkably fine dinner yesterday,' observed an old Mouse of the female sex to another who had not been at the festive gathering. ' I sat number twenty-one from the old Mouse King, so that I was not badly placed. Should you like to hear the order of the banquet ? The courses were very well arranged—mouldy bread, bacon rind, tallow candle, and sausage—and then the same dishes over again from the beginning : it was just as good as having two banquets on end. There was as much joviality and agreeable jesting as in the family circle. Nothing was left but the pegs at the ends of the sausages. And the discourse turned upon these ; and at last the expression, " Soup on a sausage-peg," was mentioned. Every one had heard the proverb, but no one had ever tasted the sausage-peg soup, much less knew how to prepare it. A capital toast was drunk to the inventor of the soup, and it was said he deserved to be a relieving officer. Was not that witty ? And the old Mouse King stood up, and promised that the