The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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594                        THE A.B.C. BOOK
" They shall have something new," said he who wrote the new A.B.C. verses, which lie there scattered on the floor. I know them ! more than ten times have I heard him read them aloud to himself ! it was such a pleasure to him. No, may I beg to have my own verses, the good old ones with Xanthus, and the pictures which belong to them ; these will I fight for, these will I crow for ! Every book in the book-case knows them well. Now I shall read the new ones he has written, read them with all calmness, and then let us agree that they are no good ! '
A.    Ayah
An Ayah has an Eastern air And others' children are her care.
B.    Boor
A Boor in former days but toiled ; Now he 's somewhat proud and spoiled.
' That verse, now, I think wonderfully flat! ' said the cock, ' but I will read on ! '
C.    Columbus
Columbus sailed across the main, And earth became as large again.
D.    Denmark
Of Denmark's kingdom it is told, God over it His hand will hold.
' Many will think that beautiful ! ' said the cock, * but I don't! I find nothing beautiful here ! Let us read on ! '
E.    Elephant
The Elephant, though young it be, Can tread but heavily, we see.
F.    Flood
When rain makes rivers rise in Flood, It may do harm, but also good.
G.    Goose
A Goose, though ne'er so wisely taught, Is always slow in learning aught.