The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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Do you see how the wind drives the clouds up yonder, like a flock of sheep ? Do you hear how the wind howls down here through the open gate, like a watchman blowing his horn ? With wonderful tones he whistles and screams down the chimney and into the fireplace ! The fire crackles and flares up, and shines far into the room, and the little place is warm and snug, and it is pleasant to sit there listening to the sounds. Let the Wind speak, for he knows plenty of stories and fairy tales, many more than are known to any of us. Just hear what the Wind can tell.
I Huh—uh—ush ! roar along ! ' That is the burden of the song.
' By the shores of the Great Belt lies an old mansion with thick red walls/ says the Wind. ' I know every stone in it; I saw it when it still belonged to the castle of Marsk Stig on the promontory. But it had to be pulled down, and the stone was used again for the walls of a new mansion in another place, the baronial mansion of Borreby, which still stands by the coast.
II  knew them, the noble lords and ladies, the changing races that dwelt there, and now I'm going to tell about Waldemar Daa and his daughters. How proudly he carried himself—he was of royal blood ! He could do more than merely hunt the stag and empty the wine-can. " It shall be done," he was accustomed to say.
' His wife walked proudly in gold-embroidered garments over the polished marble floors. The tapestries were gorgeous, the furniture was expensive and artistically carved. She had brought gold and silver plate with her into the house, and there was German beer in the cellar. Black fiery horses neighed in the stables. There was a wealthy look about the house of Borreby at that time, when wealth was still at Home there.
1 Children dwelt there also ; three dainty maidens, Ida, Joanna, and Anna Dorothea : I have never forgotten their names.
1 They were rich people, noble people, born in affluence, nurtured in affluence.
1 Huh—sh ! roar along !' sang the Wind ; and then he continued :
* I did not see here, as in other great noble houses, the