The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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' There was nothing they could .call their own except the clothes they wore : yes, there was one thing more— the alchemist's glass, a new one that had lately been bought, and rilled with what had been gathered up from the ground, the treasure which promised so much but never kept its promise. Waldemar Daa hid the glass in his bosom, and taking his stick in his hand, the once rich gentleman passed with his daughters out of the house of Borreby. I blew cold upon his heated cheeks, I stroked his grey beard and his long white hair, and I sang as well as I could,—" Huh-sh ! gone away ! gone away ! " And that was the end of the wealth and splendour.
' Ida walked on one side of the old man, and Anna Dorothea on the other. Joanna turned round at the entrance— why ? Fortune would not turn because she did so. She looked at the old walls of what had once been the castle of Marsk Stig, and perhaps she thought of his daughters :
The eldest gave the youngest her hand, And forth they went to the far-off land.
Was she thinking of this old song ? Here were three of them, and their father was with them too. They walked along the road on which they had once driven in their splendid carriage—they walked forth as beggars, with their father, and wandered out into the open field, and into a mud hut, which they rented for ten marks a year— into their new house with the empty rooms and empty vessels. Crows and jackdaws fluttered above them, and cried, as if in contempt, " From the nest ! from the nest ! far ! far ! " as they had done in the wood at Borreby when the trees were felled.
' Daa and his daughters could not help hearing it. I blew about their ears for what use would it be that they should listen ?
' And they went to live in the mud hut on the open field, and I wandered away over moor and field, through bare bushes and leafless forests, to the open waters, to other lands—huh-uh-ush ! away, away !—year after year ! '
And how did Waldemar Daa and his daughters prosper ? The Wind tells us :
1 The one I saw last, yes, for the last time, was Anna