The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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A STRING OF PEARLS                    689
now the same distance is done in three hours. The beads have not become more precious, they could not be that; but the string is new and marvellous. I stayed with my parents in Copenhagen for three weeks. Emil was with us the whole time, and when we travelled back to Fyen, he accompanied us all the way from Copenhagen to Korsor ; there we became engaged before we parted ! So now you can understand that I also call from Copenhagen to Korsor a string of pearls.
1 Afterwards, when Emil was called to Assens, we were married. We often talked of the journey to Copenhagen, and about doing it once again, but then first came your mother, and after that she got brothers and sisters, and there was much to look after and to take care of, and when father was promoted and became dean, of course everything was a pleasure and a joy, but to Copenhagen we never got. I never was there again, however often we thought and talked about it, and now I am too old, I have not the strength to travel on the railway ; but I am glad of the railways. It is a blessing that we have them ! With them you come all the quicker to me ! Now Odense is not much farther from Copenhagen than it was from Nyborg in my young days. You can now fly to Italy as quickly as we travelled to Copenhagen ! Yes, that is something !—all the same I shall sit still, and let others travel, let them come to me ! But you ought not to laugh either, because I sit so still ! I have a great journey before me quite different from yours, one that is much quicker than by the railway. When our Father wills it, I shall go to join your grandfather, and when you have completed your work, and enjoyed yourselves here in this dear world, I know that you will come up to us, and if we talk there about our earthly days, believe me, children, I shall also say there as now, " from Copenhagen to Korsor is indeed a string of pearls ! " '