The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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an oven full of beetles, cockchafers, bees, and flies, all humming and buzzing together. Jiirgen hardly knew where he was or which way he went. Then he saw just in front of him the mighty portal of the cathedral; the lights were gleaming in the dark aisles, and a fragrance of incense was wafted towards him. Even the poorest beggar ventured lip the steps into the temple. The sailor with whom Jiirgen went took his way through the church, and Jiirgen stood in the sanctuary. Coloured pictures gleamed from their golden ground. On the altar stood the figure of the Virgin with the Child Jesus, surrounded by lights and flowers ; priests in festive garb were chanting, and choir boys, beautifully attired, swung the silver censer. What splendour, what magnificence did he see here ! It streamed through his soul and overpowered him ; the church and the faith of his parents surrounded him, and touched a chord in his soul, so that the tears overflowed his eyes.
From the church they went to the market-place. Here a quantity of provisions were given him to carry. The way to the harbour was long, and, tired, he rested for a few moments before a splendid house, with marble pillars, statues, and broad staircases. Here he leaned his burden against the wall. Then a liveried porter came out, lifted up a silver-headed cane, and drove him away—him, the grandson of the house. But no one there knew that, and he just as little as any one. And afterwards he went on board again, and there were hard words and cuffs, little sleep and much work ; such were his experiences. They say that it is well to suffer in youth,—yes, when age brings something to make up for it.
His time of service had expired, and the vessel lay once more at Ringkjobing, in Jutland : he came ashore and went home to the sand-dunes by Husby ; but his foster-mother had died while he was away on his voyage
A hard winter followed that summer. Snow-storms swept over land and sea, and there was a difficulty in getting about. How variously things appeared to be distributed in the world ! here biting oold and snow-storms, while in t he Spanish land there was burning sunshine and oppressive heat. And yet, when here at home there came a clear frosty day, and Jurgen saw the swans flying in numbers