The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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heated rooms, while cold winter raged without, when a piece of news was brought to the bishop : ' Jens Glob, of Thyland, has come back, and his mother with him.' Jens Glob laid a complaint against the bishop, and summoned him before the temporal and the spiritual court.
' That will avail him little,' said the bishop. ' Best leave off thy efforts, knight Jens.'
Again it is the time of falling leaves, of stranded ships— icy winter comes again, and the ' white bees ' are swarming, and sting the traveller's face till they melt.
* Keen weather to-day!' say the people, as they step in. Jens Glob stands by the fire, so deeply wrapped in thought
that he singes the skirt of his long garment.
* Thou Borglum bishop,' he exclaims, ' I shall subdue thee after all! Under the shield of the Pope, the law cannot reach thee ; but Jens Glob shall reach thee !'
Then he writes a letter to his brother-in-law, Olaf Hase, in Sallingland, and prays that knight to meet him on Christmas-eve, at matins, in the church at Widberg. The bishop himself is to say the mass, and consequently will journey from Borglum to Thyland ; and this is known to Jens Glob.
Moorland and meadow are covered with ice and snow. The marsh will bear horse and rider, the bishop with his priests and armed men. They ride the shortest way, through the brittle reeds, where the wind moans sadly.
Blow thy brazen trumpet, thou trumpeter clad in fox-skin ! it sounds merrily in the clear air. So they ride on over heath and moorland—over what is the garden of Fata Morgana in the hot summer, towards the church of Widberg.
The wind is blowing his trumpet too—blowing it harder and harder. He blows up a storm—a terrible storm—that increases more and more. Towards the church they ride, as fast as they may through the storm. The church stands firm, but the storm careers on over field and moorland, over land and sea.
Borglum's bishop reaches the church ; but Olaf Hase will scarce do so, hard as he may ride. He journeys with his warriors on the farther side of the bay, to help Jens Glob,