The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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During the night, down yonder by Lokken, the little fishing village with the red-tiled roofs—we can see it up here from the window—a ship has come ashore. It has struck, and is fast embedded in the sand ; but the rocket apparatus has thrown a rope on board, and formed a bridge from the wreck to the mainland ; and all .on board are saved, and reach the land, and are wrapped in warm blankets ; and to-day they are invited to the farm at the convent of Borglum. In comfortable rooms they encounter hospitality and friendly faces. They are addressed in the language of their country, and the piano sounds for them with melodies of their native land ; and before these have died away, the chord has been struck, the wire of thought that reaches to the land of the sufferers announces that they are rescued. Then their anxieties are dispelled ; and in the evening they join in the dance, at the feast given in the great hall at Borglum. Waltzes and other dances will be danced, and songs will be sung of Denmark and of ' The Gallant Soldier ' of the present day.
Blessed be thou, new time ! Speak thou of summer and of purer gales ! Send thy sunbeams gleaming into our hearts and thoughts ! On thy glowing canvas let them be painted—the dark legends of the rough hard times that are past !
Father, and mother, and brothers, and sisters, were gone to the play; only little Anna and her godfather were left at home.
* We'll have a play too,' he said ; ' and it may begin immediately.'
' But we have no theatre,' cried little Anna, ' and we have no one to act for us : my old doll cannot, for she is a fright, and my new one cannot, for she must not rumple her new clothes.'
1 One can always get actors if one makes use of what one has,' observed Godfather.
' Now we build the theatre. Here we will put up a book, there another, and there a third, in a sloping row. Now three on the other side ; so, now we have the side-scenes.