The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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house ! I'm the father of my daughter ! Will you hear what I have to say ? Mr. de Boots is a person in whom one may see one's face ; his upper part is of morocco, and he has spurs into the bargain. Snip-snap-snurre! He shall have my daughter ! "
' Now listen to what the Waistcoat says, little Anna,' said Godfather. ' Now the Waistcoat's speaking. The Waist­coat has a lie-down collar, and is very modest; but he knows his own value, and has quite a right to say what he says :
1" I haven't a spot on me! Goodness of material ought to be appreciated. I am of real silk, and have strings to me."
' " —On the wedding day, but no longer ; you don't keep your colour in the wash." This is Mr. Pipe-head who is speaking. "Mr. de Boots is water-tight, of strong leather, and yet very delicate ; he can creak, and clank with his spurs, and has an Italian physiognomy------"
1 But they ought to speak in verse,' said Anna, ' for I've heard that's the most charming way of all.'
' They can do that too,' replied Godfather ; ' and as the public demands, so one talks. Just look at little Miss Glove, how she's pointing her fingers !
Rather live and wait, A glove without a mate!
Ah! If I from him must part, I'm sure 'twill break my heart!
' Bah !'
That last word was spoken by Mr. Pipe-head ; and now it's Mr. Waistcoat's turn :
0  Glove, my own dear, Though it cost thee a tear,
Thou must be mine, For Holger the Dane has sworn it!
* Mr. de Boots, hearing this, kicks up, jingles his spurs, and knocks down three of the side-scenes.'
1 That's exceedingly charming ! ' cried little Anna.
' Silence ! silence ! ' said Godfather. ' Silent approba­tion will show that you are the educated public in the stalls. Now Miss Glove sings her great song with startling effects :
1  cannot talk, heigho ! And therefore I will crow !
Kikkeriki, in the lofty hall!